Thursday, June 23, 2011


Gently sang a song for you, wondering bout the future. There will be tomorrow to live on or just today to be the most grateful on?

Slaughtered every single of breath for the last thought, for the peace, for the glory but is it enough to take the smoothest path to go there?

Or it is just a single path that lead to the worse one?

Me, searching and searching the soul. The body facing the regularity, facing the faces everywhere and every time but not the soul.

It is missing, yet missing in the courtyard, alone and mourning for itself to regret what happened and never look up to see the shine.

Crawls and crawls like there's no light that can enlighten. Sure the soul itself wrong. The light always be there and when the time comes, please don't be late.

It is the soul, wake up please. You are needed everywhere.

p/s : The Soul, please be with me.