Wednesday, May 18, 2011

10 9 8

Don't kid yourself,
Don't fool yourself.

All of of it being seen,
Stop pretending like you are the innocent one,
You are way to far from innocent.

Stop being a stubborn one,
You are not living alone,
Yet you are in a society.

People do reflect your act,
But you never and don't want to realize it.

Maybe you did realize,
But you don't want to change.

Because of you ego,

It sticks deep in your heart,
But you can change,
Be a nice person,
Kind-hearted one.

We all can change,
To be the good one.
Let's change


Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Digertak, berontak,
Ditegur, berpaling tadah.

Bodoh sombong.
Itulah jalan kau,
Itulah cara kau.

Berbuih mulut,

Berbisa hati,
Namun diri kau punya ego,
Diri kau punya angkuh.

Kau saja yang hebat,
Kau saja yang betul.

Dongak kepala,
Tatap cermin,
Luaran cermin dalaman.