Sunday, February 6, 2011

Here it is.

Dear the Past,

Hope you are doing fine because the Future is about to come and join you. As you are not going away, so I will remember you as much as possible so that I can take lessons from you. The Future is long far away in front of me, thus just lead me to the right past of it.

You, the Past always accompany me as when I’m born you were already right by my side, coloring and pouring black and white color as I crawl, as I walk, as I run. Black for the sorrow color and white for the excite color.

You and the Future were destined to be my life, but you regenerate my Future and Future regenerated by you. Oops! Aren’t me forgot that there is someone besides you two? It is TODAY.

Today is the one that I should pay attention to. My Ibadah, My footstep, My revolution. If today I didn’t accomplish my prayer, then my Future will be affected.

If today I kept doing my best, then my Past will be fixed. InsyaAllah all of us will be forgiven by Allah and will having the best Future of mankind.

Fauzan Ghazi


Bahida Abdullah Rasheeqa said...

baru ada update lagiiii !! im looking forward to it !!!! :))

more post plz

.::TIEYTA::. said...

i like this post!