Sunday, November 7, 2010

Keep walking because you ought to

Am I a different person now? Did I change myself as I am? Or is it just my feeling?

It is lingering around my neck; it knocks my loneliness to stand still with me.

Being silent maybe not a mistake but being the one that are sarcastic shouldn’t be me as I do omit the attitude long time ago.

Situation changed.

It did make me over.

Can you have me being penetrated again, to be my kind again?

People kept asking me whether I am sick or being ignorant right now. I don’t have the answer for that yet, friend. I’m sorry if I kept worrying all of you.

I’ll be back?

I am the one that got problem right? So I should solve it on my own without others and also maybe without you as I kept worrying you every day, ignoring what you have said.

I absolutely should have listened to it.

Keep walking with me dear. Lead me to the best way, for us.