Sunday, October 31, 2010

Way to Clear

It is clear when I start to be more careful, to be mo serious indeed of being secretive and hiding myself. It is like wondering by myself, ‘Should I?’ or ‘Could I?’

I want to be a free man, just like one of my friend, being relieved and also have chance to appreciate more about being given and also learn more about to give.

If it is about a machine that will cost me more misery than I should reduce the way I have the machine. Because I do need my freedom.

Allah, do help me please, let me be free from the binding. It do costs me a lot of misery and thought. Strengthen me please.

It is about why and it is about how I solve it. Yet is still left unsolved. Pity me. Pity my pride.

Be wise, be well, be strong.

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