Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Here I am, standing here, with less silent, with less emotion, but still waiting. The big thing still running here in my heart, here in my head, which make both them absolute didn’t know each other. One said this and the others said that.

Let me be clear. Why don’t we people can’t let our past time and be a new one, with more self love, with more self conscious? Should be less downgrading, should be less negative and should be less self disgust.

Self disgust is the worse part, the part where all dark side starts to free themselves into our mind, into our heart. Past times do make me feel like I’m the one and solely did wrong, did nasty things. And my past times start inviting me to the worst part.

I am not happy. I am sad. I do have hatred, self hatred. Trying and trying to walk slowly, no, crawling I guess, but always being pushed away so many time.

I am worried. I am concerned.

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