Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tahniah Klate


Berita gembira buat rakyat Klate.

Menang 2-1 mengatasi N9.

Menamatkan kemarau 55 tahun.

Piala Malaysia hadiah buat Tuanku dan Tok Guru.

Penyokong klate semangat ala2 semangat penyokong EPL.

Tahniah klate!

Gomo Klate Gomo!

Way to Clear

It is clear when I start to be more careful, to be mo serious indeed of being secretive and hiding myself. It is like wondering by myself, ‘Should I?’ or ‘Could I?’

I want to be a free man, just like one of my friend, being relieved and also have chance to appreciate more about being given and also learn more about to give.

If it is about a machine that will cost me more misery than I should reduce the way I have the machine. Because I do need my freedom.

Allah, do help me please, let me be free from the binding. It do costs me a lot of misery and thought. Strengthen me please.

It is about why and it is about how I solve it. Yet is still left unsolved. Pity me. Pity my pride.

Be wise, be well, be strong.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Exam dan Aku

Isnin bermula ujian pertengahan semester. Hari ini Jumaat. 2 hari sebelum ujian.


Rasa ;

Nak tidur.

Tengok movie.

Jalan2 ng Diana.

Pergi Perlis (tah apa2).

Makan Domino's.

Book tiket g Perlis (Perlis lagi? tah apa2)

Beli handphone dan kamera baru.

Semayang Isya'.

Bangun awal pagi sedia sarapan.

Makan jemput2.

Merepek setiap hari.

Ok da demam exam.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Diana, This is yours.

Menggunakan 120 Film, 400 ISO dan dengan bantuan viewfinder yang sangat berguna. Gambar diambil di Sanlitun Village. Diana, ini hasil kamu dan terima kasih. :P

Buat multiple exposure, fisheye dan mencuba vignette. Semua macam masih belum menjadi. T_T

Road to Sky (Multiple Exposure)

Sanlitun (Fisheye
Sanlitun Village (?)

Jaguar vs Beetle (Fisheye)

Diana dan LOMO

Diana F+

Pelbagai Diana F+ Workshop diadakan termasuk Choc Workshop

Woot! Woot!

Fokus pada Diana F+ bukan pada Mini Cooper. :P

Photo : Credit to Qarizzar with his D90

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Here I am, standing here, with less silent, with less emotion, but still waiting. The big thing still running here in my heart, here in my head, which make both them absolute didn’t know each other. One said this and the others said that.

Let me be clear. Why don’t we people can’t let our past time and be a new one, with more self love, with more self conscious? Should be less downgrading, should be less negative and should be less self disgust.

Self disgust is the worse part, the part where all dark side starts to free themselves into our mind, into our heart. Past times do make me feel like I’m the one and solely did wrong, did nasty things. And my past times start inviting me to the worst part.

I am not happy. I am sad. I do have hatred, self hatred. Trying and trying to walk slowly, no, crawling I guess, but always being pushed away so many time.

I am worried. I am concerned.

Monday, October 4, 2010

tengok cerita Sepi tak?

tengok cerita Sepi tak?

Answer here