Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rise to Fall Again to Rise again

Facing an Inglorious Life I guess for a few times. It is hard to survive with your brain outside like a barbarian. Less Iman, Less clever. All those crap, all those hard time did make me learned to not to be a coward, taught me to be a little stronger and smarter.

Leaning towards others which always comfort me did give me bad influence. I never learn to be fall and to be rise by myself. Still need someone’s hand to be lend to be held? Not strong enough to bounce back for the good.

Recently, I start to write my post in English so that I can improve it but I do less practice my Chinese. Pretty bad for a student. There are less than 10 days before I am going back to Beijing. Should start to revise my study before going back there or it will be rusty dust before going into class.

Life is a short journey but full of lives if we know how to fill it. For today, we can go anywhere with friends, family make laugh, make fun. For tomorrow, we can stay still in classroom studying for a better journey. For next week, we can just do stay at home, watching television, surfing internet to live an interesting life. For next month, we can go on vacation. Here’s the thing, we got a lot of good stuff to be done and it should be done contentedly.

To all my family, my friends, just live your lives to the fullest.

Image : Credit to my Roommate, Ahmad ^_^

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