Thursday, September 2, 2010


Either it is me or him or her that make world looks awful. It is nice to make sure that being honest is the best virtue ever yet the most needed thing in life. But people do afraid that someday with the honesty, they will get hurt or somebody else.

If today one of us has to inhale the bad in and exhale the good thing, then there are reasons, the best reasons for all of the bullsh*it, whether the ingratitude or the test. Today, if one of us starts to inhale good thing and exhale the bad thing, it is still the same. As you can see, it will never be changed because it is our destiny, being held by HIM.

Metaphor talks, most of them being nice and not, they create you imagination which will lead you to the wrong path, to the hell but if you can control your imagination to be cool enough to lead you to the right path, then you will get peace and you can do the right decision and the best decision.

Ass in pain. Everyday there are such many things that will accompany you. Not in your ass but in your heart and mind. It does hurt and it is such a cruelty. But the more you can overcome, the more you will get. Sometimes it is better to have that pain rather than none. Because life is boring once you got none.

Almost every day I’m writing and posting, blog walking and such to endure my pain, to endure my boring. I do really hope that it is work on me, absolutely and immediately because I do need help.

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