Saturday, August 14, 2010


Mental break down. Freakin' awesome as me myself again to be a two-timing. That's the thing that I do hate but that's the thing that I have done.

Bravo. Managed to hurt people by operating the same way, old-fashioned I guess. It is sweet but way to horrible.

Stop. There's another test that will be done as you asking for it. Need to cool down first or just be your own style, be lame.

Beware. Bizarre is there for you, freak people. Why don't just sign up for your own death and write your death wish list HERE!

Own. Don't let your dreams fly away just like a feather. Catch it and keep it as it is your precious balls.

Manipulate. Mold the bad side to follow the good side as it is for nature's good.

React. Be nice but don't be sooooo f**ing nice.

Amuse. Make laugh. Entertain your life by the way it should be.

Summon. Arouse your good spirits to creep into you inside.

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