Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Being Me

Just now I got so much idea to be written down. Just now, I guess. Aging for sure and yet too many things need to be concerned about.

Got this one; thinking about being a good and also hardworking student which I realize that Mara is about real when they are talking about expelling and seize back their money, way to many.

And also this one, give a damn about being honest. Being honest to my family, my friends, my dearest one and also the newborns (a little bit being influenced by Eclipse I guess).

Need to be friendlier. Anti-social or whatsoever they even call me makes me want to bond with some other people if it is really necessary because sometimes committed in relationship, friendship in bracket do need something that might make them to clique with me. Rotating the money that had been used.

Should be more responsibility toward the Amanah Rakyat. Pay any debts, keep into head that money got ass in pain to gain it.

Being happy. This is the most irritating challenge but will sweeten my life. Most of the time, being just like a clown, tears inside, smiles outside. Pretty good about that.

Lessen the ego. Damn hard I guess. Because I was born to be a rebellious but for sure can control it as need to make my life more meaningful without ego and more positivity.

Be happy, Smile always.

Image : Credit to My Roomate. ^_^

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